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4th Step Skincare Guardian Complete Facial System

 4th Step Skin Care Guardian’s Complete Facial System

  The creams in the Skin Care Guardian system are designed to promote healthy collagen which repairs skin tissue. The moisturizing quality is hydrating and our skin absorbs the cream like a sponge.  You will be able to feel the difference within minutes. The creams are also incredibly effective for people with thin skin, leathery skin (from prolonged sun exposure), dehydrated skin, and even healthy skin tissue will feel like satin. The benefits do not end after they absorb into your skin, the cream has another important quality, is our guardian and shield against damaging UV rays.

  All the creams contain virgin coconut oil, aloe juice, herbal extracts and unrefined bees wax, the difference is in the therapeutic properties of the essential oils and wild yam cream stands alone because it is therapeutically designed with a natural progesterone extract. Trust your sense of smell, if you like it you will wear it.  If you cannot smell enjoy any of the creams they are all beneficial for your well-being.

Lavender Cream:
Lavender is a delicate essential oil and clinically proven to heal burns, promotes new skin tissue, and it is considered anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and is also a natural anti-inflammatory.
The aromatherapy has a relaxing, calming effect which promotes a peaceful state of mind. Lavender essential oil is a restorative and adaptigen, both conditions strengthen the weaker systems in the body. A couple of examples are after a sick spell you are left drained, with no energy. Lavender cream will strengthen your circulatory system, providing more energy for a quicker recovery. If you feel lethargic, lavender cream will provide energy so you can get up and go forward or if you have anxiety, lavender cream will calm your nervous system.  Physiologically and therapeutically lavender is a universal essential oil with many, many benefits. Lavender cream is for complete enjoyment.

Rose Geranium Cream:
  This cream I like to think of as my first responder to so many conditions involving the female hormonal system. Rose Geranium Cream is a regulator for estrogen/progesterone deficiencies with PMS and the menopausal system with hot flashes. It is really balancing for low stamina and afternoon fatigued because it restores the adrenocortical and pancreas which is part of the endocrine system. Geranium cream addresses an anti-inflammatory reaction on rheumatic and arthritic conditions. This issue leads to the cream being a practical approach to relieving joint pain, even though you weren’t looking for anything besides a nice moisturizing cream. This is my ultimate reason for using whole plant extracts. There are so many compounds available from botanical extracts and the Guardian within plants and people will deliver the compounds where they are needed. If you do not have arthritis your body will not use them but will release by cleansing the compounds you do not use from your body.

 Lime Blossom Cream:
  Lime Blossom Cream reaches out to you and lends a hand, it is uplifting and   balances equilibrium and restores confidence and self-esteem. It is a romantic blend and the perfect cream to wear for your “Knight in shining armor”. It is an aphrodisiac which means an agent that boosts up libido and sexual desires. All skin types benefit from this cream.

Patchouli Cream:
  Patchouli Cream allows one to put to rest skin problems you don’t particularly want to talk about.  Patchouli is a digester of toxins in the skin helping acne, dissolving cellulite, for itchy hives, fluid retention, weight reduction, and helps to prevent wrinkles. Patchouli dissolves sebaceous oils, tones and tightens the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles from occurring. Patchouli strengthens your immune and circulatory system which helps your body resist the symptoms of auto immune disease. It is a calming and strengthening essential oil, and in nature prevents the skin from sudden flair ups, causing red patches on the skin, in some cases the symptoms it will relieve are auto immune diseases, such as rosacea, which reacts favorably with patchouli.

Calendula/Chamomile Cream:

Chamomile, Calendula Cream proliferate new skin cells which will bond to hard calluses. Calendula and Chamomile mend skin abrasions due to the astringent and antiseptic constituents, they cleans and disinfect open sores, acne, rashes and ruptured skin tissue. It is wonderful for childhood diseases with symptoms that create skin rashes, such as (hand, foot, and mouth disease.)  This cream has been used for skin allergies, diaper rash, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, sensitive skin, and restless legs. Calendula, chamomile, aloe juice, virgin coconut oil, and unrefined bees wax offer incredible protection from our suns dangerous harmful UV-A and UV-B. It is also a very good moisturizer with soothing effects for extremely dry skin, and all very dry skin conditions. The cream is gentle enough to use on new born babies and children who are restless, this cream is calming and will help children settle down that are high strung and/or have high anxiety.  

Refreshing Comfort:
  I like this cream in the summer and winter for it therapeutic benefits to alter seasonal affective disorder (SAD) The citrus essential oils and cedar wood essential oil deliver electrolytes and oxygen to the brain stem and our brain processes the natural chemicals as we do, sun light and natural lighting. From our customers we received testimony that this cream protects skin sensitivities and rashes from chlorinated water. The alpha hydroxyl acid in citrus essential oils will release away dry scaly skin and lift away flaky dry skin.

Ylang Ylang Cream:
  Ylang Ylang addresses many different systems at once to benefit your well- being.  Ylang Ylang, releases pheromones throughout your body and in due process physiologically balances your emotions, sensual and sexual inhibitions, insecurity, and low self- esteem. Ylang ylang balances and harmonizes mood swings, both mental and emotional conflict.
  For the complexion ylang ylang, for oily skin regulates the T zone area and balances over-active oil glands and sluggish oil glands. It is great for dry and combination skin types. Your skin shaft will stay be hydrated and the suppleness of the skin will detect a healthy beautiful glow all day long.

Wild Yam Cream:
  Wild Yam Cream designed to nurture, protect, moisturize and hydrate our body. The active constituent in wild yam is progesterone and it is absorbed through our skin and releases estrogen from our fat cells.  It is the only cream designed to draw estrogen out of our fat cells. It also breaks down fat in order to release the estrogen. So use this cream on your soft areas, including your neck and under arms. Another benefit is the cream detoxes our cells. Unfortunately, natural estrogen has the same chemical structure as some of the elements released from car emissions. Our body absorbs these environmental pollutants automatically. Wild Yam cream will strengthen our bones and protect us from osteoporosis, as well as reverse osteoporosis by rebuilding the bone mass. The progesterone, a natural supplement found in fresh foods, strengthens and fills in the porous brittle bone mass. Dr. John Lee in his book ‘Progesterone’ concluded his research by doing all his trials and measuring the bone mass of his patients before they started using his wild yam cream. He measured the porous, brittle bones before, during, and continually to determine the density of the bones. His discovery was profound. A natural whole plant extract, from wild yams, a whole food supplement, not a drug, is our best defense from thinning bones caused by the lack of proper nourishment from our food sources. Because our food is stored in warehouses before arriving to the grocery stores the progesterone oxidizes.
  Therapeutically, the cream will also keep your skin supple, healthy, soft and smooth.  The synergy will help with PMS and menopausal conditions.

Amber Cream:
  Mystical, Amber Cream is designed to help calm your mind and warm your heart. It is a beautiful essence, sweet vanilla with musty tones of sandalwood and cedar wood high lights. It is exquisite to calm the mind and bring you to your heart center. It is a heart, warming, esoteric blend with lovely vanilla high lights. Very pretty essence with lovely highlights.

Whole Plants For Whole People,
The Skincare Guardian  

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