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Monday, January 30, 2012

Supportive essential oils for seasonal effective disorder

BERGAMOT - Citrus Bergamia

Uplifting and refreshing oil, said to be good for confidence building. It is
greenish-yellow in color (darkening with age) and fresh, sweet-fruity, slightly
balsamic. Bergamot is proported to be useful for oily and blemished skin,
exzema, urinary tract infection, intestinal parasites, anxiety and depression.
It is familiar as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea.
Bergamot is considered to be:
Uplifting, soothing, balancing, anti-depressant, and antiseptic.

Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD)
A decline in the amount of sunlight we receive triggers the body to produce
different hormones than longer days with more sunlight. Light deprevation is
linked to a physical disease call "seasonal affective disorder.)
When the eyes, even with eye lids closed, perceives specific levels of light,
the brain begins to produce hormones. The production of seratonin, causes the
body to awaken. On the other end of the spectrum when it is dark the body
produces melatonin, to help us fall asleep.
Our best defense on cloudy dark days,when we wake we should wash with citrus
soaps, we have sweet orange moisturizer soap,moisturize with lime blossom cream,
and mist the air with our aromatherapy, uplifting aroma mist, and add the
uplifting blend to your defusers.
My recommendations promotes clarity of thought and purpose as well as physical
energy. The aromas are invigorating and warming.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anna's "All In One" Cleansing and Body Lotion

I want to share how nice it feels to use Anna's cleansing lotion to bathe your entire body. Wet your washcloth and apply the cleanser and wash the exterior of your body. My skin feels soft and clean while the skin guardian is moisturizing and hydrating, toning and revitalizing my skin. Applied as a lotion after you bathe, a boquette of floral aroma from ylang ylang, rose, etc. are there to greet you with new energy. Another all in One product. 20 years ago I designed an "All In One" shampoo, batheing, shaving soap. It is very popular for my practical customers. Let me know how you like the "All In One" cleanser and lotion?
All natural Aromatherapy Lotions made with Organic ingredients by CreationPharm - Alternative Health and Beauty

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stress causes a lack of oxygen 2 dangerous combinations

Stress Causes a lack of oxygen together a dangerous combination

Harmful experiences cause a tremendous amount of stress and the side effects cover a full spectrum of health concerns. I spoke earlier about the vitality in my skincare products. The vitality is synergistic and applies to a wide range of therapeutic value for a holistic lifestyle. Essential oils for the bath along with a cup of tea, soft light and aromatherapy products are necessary, if not mandatory when you fall prey to a severe stress attack. Anxiety, heart palpitations, grief, shock, depression, etc. Severe stress, causes real suffering internally, and is the ground work for many serious diseases.

Man is a mixture of light and darkness, a 24 hour day is structured by the light and darkness. Why do we sleep better in total darkness? Because this is the time of day when we detox, and who in their right mind can endure all the discomfort toxins cause. We are infiltrated with dark energy and all the ill effects darkness wreaks on our mind, body, and soul...~``

We suffer in areas where there is stagnation. Dark stagnant places is the perfect medium for destructive organisms, which will destroy all who abide. Darkness, as chronic conditions grow, will build destructive blockages, such as an old injuries do. There are stagnant, dead corpuscles that prevent circulation causing a total lack of oxygen. This creates a physical and emotional blockage. This can be changed. Spiritually we can recieve light and oxygen. Bathing we can recieve oxygen from the negative ions in the essential oils, from deep breathing we intionally deliver oxygen to our cells. Negative ions from the essential oil surpasses all. It travels quickly and freely in between our cells in the lipid fluid, than reaction and connections occur. The negative ions are back where they belong, in the center of our cells, ready to take orders from the guardian within. Where you go from here you are on your own...

I may be able to help you get there with some recommendations for stress related conditons. Rose, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, and citrus oils all can reach the stagnant blockages in your body. How do they work?

Essential oils are loaded with negative ions, this is an electrical charge within plants that deliver oxygen to the dark stagnent areas in your body. Negative ions reside in the volitile oils, a living component with a vital synergy. The vitality of negative ions, loaded with oxygen, can repair damaged cells by delivering oxygen back to the center of the cells. Oxygen is healing, and remains the center of every living being. Cancer, cardio vascular disorders, reproductive problems, digestive disorders, kidney and liver disease all can start to heal with the help of essential oils. Emotional issues, some of the best oils to balance all internal conditions...

Let us all walk in the light and let the healing begin.

Products I recommend is calm enchantment bath salts and calm enchantment lotion. Refreshing comfort cream and southern citrus aromatherapy mist. Lavender soap, lavender herb garden mist, massage oil, bath salts, and lavender cream or lotion. Skincare Guardian collection...

Anna's Secret Skin Renewal (complete synergy)

Rose Geranium Cream and soap

Lavender Cream and soap

Refreshing Comfort Cream and sweet orange soap.

Patchouly and ultimat tonic a detoxer with a calming synergy.

All of these synergies deliver oxygen to our cells, strenghten the system or systems in our body, and repair damaged cells. Also calm your emotions and deliver light to the area where darkness hit the hardest.

Take a relaxing bath and let oxygen heal and bring the light in.

Live Pure,

Anna Sangemino

"The Skincare Guardian"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cary Sage Hydrosol

The hydrosol is balanced with small amounts of essential oil.  As we distill the clary sage, her vitality is in the liquid she produces.  The juices are released in the form of steam and cooled to form a liquid.  The vitality of the water is in the dosage, the plant yields just enough and no more.  We do not tamper with mother nature, her vitality lies within natures eb and flow.  All that we ask, just mist your face and breathe deeply while smelling clary sage vital elements.  You will witness how freely air begins to flow through your nasal passages.  As the chemicals reach your brain stem the endocrine system and brain stem start processing and vitality takes over.
Clary sage is calming to the nervous system, particularly in cases of depression, stress, insomnia and deep seated tension. It furthermore is a good tonic for the womb and female functions in general, such as painful periods, scanty menstruation and relaxation during labor, thus encouraging a less painful birth.
During menopause, clary sage oil can help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.
It is good for muscle pains, digestive disorders, kidney diseases and the cooling of inflammation of the skin.
Clary sage oil's greatest benefit lies in its calming and sedating influence on the nerves, emotions, female functions, kidneys and digestive system.
It also helps with skin conditions like acne, boils and ulcers and cools painful muscles and jo
In vapor therapy, clary sage oil can be used for nervous tension, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and menopause. It is particularly effective to help ease depression and create a more positive outlook on life and can also help to boost the creative side and intuition.
Clary sage can be used in blended massage oil, or diluted in the bath to assist with muscle pains, frigidity, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, PMS, stress, nervous tension, insomnia, cramps and addiction
Used in a cream or lotion, clary sage oil can be beneficial for skin problems, back pain and a stiff neck, as well as for body odors, PMS, skin problems and cramps. It is particularly good for balancing the production of sebum of the skin and to clear up oily skin issues.

"Vitality" Pure Skincare Products

   Vitality in your skincare products begin and end with deliberate, intnentionional, pure natural skincare. Vitality, is pure power found within every living thing on this planet.   Intentionally,  I will deliver holistic, therapeutic, aromatherapy from the guardian of us all. The active constituents within each plant is its own holistic system. Upon extraction of each plant, we design and blend each therapeutic product, with integrity and vitality. Our intention is to deliver right to your nose and body pure skincare and aromatherapy . Our skin being the largest vital organ in our body, not to undermind our heart, lungs, etc. The Guardian within us all, accepts these active componenets and distributes them within minutes through the skin and your sense of smell, filling you with pure vitality and chemicals that we are able to process, strengthen, protect, allure, and cleanse holistically all the systems in our body.
   Our products are designed for ultimate health. I do play with the aromatherapy, intentioally, to help you maintain pure bliss, and ultimate health. The intentional therapeutic benefit... is to enjoy the harmony of all your senses as they come alive!

Stay pure,
"Skincare Guardian"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anna's Skin Care Blog: Anna's Skin Care Blog: Roman Chamomile Holistic Skincare Guardian

Anna's Skin Care Blog: Anna's Skin Care Blog: Roman Chamomile Holistic Skincare Guardian

Anna's Skin Care Blog: Roman Chamomile Holistic Skincare Guardian

Anna's Skin Care Blog: Roman Chamomile Holistic Skincare Guardian

Roman Chamomile Holistic Skincare Guardian

Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobile)

Chamomile contains esters, angelic acid and tiglic acids, which are active components that are documented to help nerve induced pain and fatigue from mental stress which cause headaches. It is calming for upset bellies associated with morning sickness and pregnancy; the esters neutralize bad acids which cause nausea in general. The anti-stress properties run deep along the central nervous system to the neuropathic brain tunnels, relaxing fatigue and muscular spasms, gag impulses and nervous tension headaches.

Chamomile is considered a bactericidal, disinfectant, antiseptic, and we consider chamomile a great addition in our soothing, (first aid) cream.   Roman Chamomile essential oil is an addition and part of my design in our, floral water, Anna's Secret Skin Renewal, Anna's Cleansing Lotion, Wild Yam Cream to deliver the tiny molecules into our skin driving the compounds thru the lipid fluids between the cells following different pathways to aid and assist our immune system with a healthy synergy to benefit our body. A wonderful line of different skin care products, all designed to take care of us and help us feel good all over. Your skin and your glow will be noticable to others, and you will enjoy being noticed in a croud or to whomever you are tuned in too. Calendula/Chamomile cream has anti septic, anti bacterial presence, and the ability to promote new cell proliferation. New skin tissue will bond to older skin tissue masking the hard brittleness and your skins suppleness will become alive once again.