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Sunday, January 23, 2011



Roman Chamomile (anthemis nobilis) Origin Greece and was known as Chamaimelon, meaning ground apple. Chamomile has certain key notes of apple fragrance and flavor, its sweet aroma will allure you peacefully to a calm place and rejuvenate your mood. In strong enough quantity Chamaimelon does have a bite, a bitter dose to remind you why your here; to treat excessive stress and nervousness, ease off back pain from during pms and menstruation and may be helpful for hyper active conditions in children.

Chamomile's in skin care products will provide UVA protection and it is gentle enough for your babies skin care needs. Chamomile contains pain killing compounds, chamomiles properties are still being used today (outside of America) to cure headaches and has the potential to provide toothache pain relief.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rosemary - "The Herb of Remembrance"

Rosemary - The truth behind the effectiveness of herbs and their counter-part, essential oils, is the versatile synergistic actions herbs have on our whole body. Holistic health, strengthening and balancing our body, mind, and spiritual disciplines, work very well with whole herbs and the same elements and compounds are shared from the earth for the plant kingdom and the human race.

First the plant digests all the raw minerals and anarobic organisms into chemical constituants and compounds our body can utilize. The lipid fluids in plant plasma match our blood lipids and are readily available to us in the form of essential oils, spices, and herbs.

Along comes rosemary, poetic italics...'the dew of the sea'. The mornig dew, vitaly important to nurture the whole earth and the Aroma from the mist of the sea... Rosemary, encases our mind, channeling all the nero-receptors to attain thoughts, strength, and purpose to confront the day by strengthening our endocrine system.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Botanical Skin Care Products Store

Today is the day...We have launched our new store...
Skin Care Guardian.
For your convenience our botanical index is designed to group all our products that contain the particular herb, and give you the knowledge on the particular herb so you know what it is good for and what product you should use it in. Plant oils and their value for skin care, such as virgin coconut oil will be grouped under virgin coconut oil. Essential oils, such as Tea Tree, all the products we make containing tea tree essential oil will be grouped under Tea Tree.
Aromatherapy, synergistic blends of essential oils, for your desire and skin care. Groupings integrated for your skin care... Lavender Herb Garden: lavender, geranium, rosemary, sweet orange, patchouli. Lavender Herb Garden Bath Salts, Lavender Herb Garden Soap, Lavender Herb Garden Moisturizer Oil.
A little bit about the synergistic combination of Lavender Herb Garden... It is blended with high, medium, and low notes which are released at once and start to balance and harmonize the atmosphere and alert your mental faculties too tune out and tune in to your own harmony and balance. This blend is a restorative for your energy level, an anti inflammatory for your muscles and joints, anti viral - anti bacterial- anti microbial- assists respiratory conditions and strengthens your mental state of mind by boosting your endocrine system.