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SkinCare Guardian - Details System 1 of 5


A therapeutically designed, aromatic, holistic, skincare line is vitally important to deliver natural chemicals to the 9 systems in our body. The synergy is directed by the guardian within us all. Our intention is to maintain the integrity and vitality of our skincare guardians’ facial system and deliver right to your nose and body pure aroma and hydrotherapy. The microscopic molecular chemicals are delivered through our sweet glands, hair follicles, skin tissue and the ‘ol-factory system’ which starts at the bridge of our nose, and for the most fortunate with your sense of smell. Within minutes, pure vaporized wholesome constituents and pure essential oils, are absorbed and utilized  holistically.

Skincare Guardians 5 Step Facial System 

___1st System__ For dry or thin skin: Moisten your face with warm water and cleanse with Anna’s Secret Cleansing Lotion. Use as a make-up remover with a soft cloth. This is a cleansing and moisturizing lotion, holistically it is a good alternative for everyone avoiding facial soap. It is designed to soothe and repair skin cells, because it contains gamma-linoleic acid, a main component of our cells. The other nutrients, which are notable: vitamin A (carrot seed oil); vitamin C (alpha hydroxyl acids); lauryic acid and linoleic acid (virgin coconut oil). The cleansing lotion offers protection at our finger tips. The synergy is designed to cleanse pores, relax the skin fiber and connective tissue; to restore by absorption the nutrients which repair, reconstruct and rebirth new healthy cells. A practical and economical approach for your at home hydrotherapy spa

___1st System__ Cleansing our face with soap is a ritual we were born with. Designing soap to fit each person’s facial needs was a challenge worth taking on. 

For Dry Skin: 
A. Sweet- Orange Moisturizer Soap
B. Patchouli Face and Bath Soap

C.Lavender Vitamin E Face and Bath Soap

For Dry-Normal-Oily: 
A. Rose Geranium iSoap cleanses the sebaceous oils, tones, tightens, and hydrates the pores. B. Ylang-Ylang, is for oily T zone and dry skin; oily T zone and normal skin; oily T zone and normal skin. Ylang-Ylang, balances, by slowing down over-active oil glands and picks up sluggish, under-active oil glands.
C. Wild Yam and Ginko, this is a regulator for all. Because it cleanses deeply and has profound moisturizing therapy, detoxes impurities from fat cells (excessive estrogen is ingested by inhaling environmental pollutants caused by fuel emissions). Wild yam and Ginko with rhassoul clay is an exfoliator and skin softener, deep cleanser and moisturizer.

Oily Skin: 
A. Rosemary ‘All-In-One’ B. Rose Complexion (rose geranium and rose maroc)
C. Rose with White Clay is great for oily skin while it exfoliates dead dry skin as well. 

Oily Skin & Acne:
 A. Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap, is for complicated skin complexions. After washing the face and towel drying, use the soap for an acne treatment…Rub your finger on the wet bar of soap and dab onto acne. Let the soap dry on your skin and leave it there. This will get to the root of the problem, thanks to the anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, also the synergy works with the immune system to resist infection.B. St John’s Wart/Tea Tree /Calendula soap, is a super dooper power buster on acne. Wam.. Bam… Thank you Man!…It’s a guy soap. Unless of course you like the smell of Tea Tree Oil….The smell is medicinal.
C. Aloe &Eucalyptus: A broad spectrum antibacterial with the ability to penetrate complicated acne and infected acne. Rub some wet soap on the red areas and the acne.
Jewelweed Topical & Jewelweed Topical with Ylang Ylang: 
Follow up with this antiseptic toner. Wash face with either peppermint & TeaTree soap or Aloe&Eucalyptus ‘All-In-One.’ Moisten face with Jewelweed Topical Spray, allow it to dry. Then, spray some jewelweed topical on the soap, rub until film appears and smudge on acne and red areas. Wipe excess soap residue off your face if you plan to wear makeup. Or do this treatment before bedtime and clean face in the morning with soap and water, spray with jewelweed topical allow to dry and then put on your make-up.

1st Step: Skincare guardian facial system.
Designed to deliver wholesome goodness…
Whole Plants for Whole People,
‘The skincare guardian’

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