Wednesday, November 28, 2012

3rd Step Skin Care Guardian Complete Facial System

3rd Step in Skincare Guardians Complete Facial System

Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal Serum is designed for all skin types. This serum goes beyond maintenance for healthy skin, the gamma linolenic acid found in evening primrose and borage oil, is a main component of our cells, the essential fatty acid is restored and available to repair skin tissue,  heal puffy eyes, mend scrapes and bruises and the anti oxidants cleanse and break down scar tissue.  Gamma linolenic acid, is an essential fatty acid, and it activates the cellular system and nourishes the cells.  The synergy in this serum will break down scar tissue, it takes time to turn the cells around. Cells live for one year at a time and new cell replace the old.  At this stage a healthier cell will replenish our body, replacing the old scar tissue with new vitality along the way. The synergy helps repair rutty skin, blemished skin, scaly, dry, sensitive, and thin skin.
Enjoy the wholesome properties from this serum. The skin cells remain suspended in the lipid  fluids, singularly and actively, by consuming the fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and the volatile oils.                                             
 This product stands by itself and is the only choice for the 3rd system. The floral bouquet is complimentary and a well suited hydrotherapy.

Whole Plants for Whole People,
The Skincare Guardian

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