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Friday, December 23, 2011

Guardian Within Us All

A developing fetus at 6 weeks old has taste buds, they are connected to the Ol' Factory System. This occurs before the brain is developed. The first senses a fetus has is their sense of smell and taste.This one scientific, mysterious development leads me to question the value and power essential oils have. 

Taste buds are developing first and the ol factory is delivering the chemicals from the taste buds to the endoctrine system. Our bodies need the taste buds to deliver all the essential compounds, chemicals, electrolytes and anti-oxidants.  Harmony and emotional balance help the fetus develop properly, and is the synergy essential oils provide.
As mysterious as this is going to sound; and I know I may loose a few of you here, but could it be, ancient wisdom dominates the creation and life of man?
Why are we designed to grow this way? The embiblical chord is the main artery nutrients travel through. The essential oils, nutrients, proteins and starches attach to the taste buds and are channeled to the endocrine system at the earliest stages of our life. Essential oils are processed by mom and channeled from her taste buds, solar cells that are lodged in the skin mantle, and her and sense of smell first then to the unborn child. We never change the initial growth process.  

In a sense, essential oils contain vitality, they nurture our emotions and help all of us find our balance so we can live in peace. They also protect us from bad pathogenic organisms. 
Essential oils are the guardian within us all.

Whole Plants for Whole People,
"Skincare Guardian"

Refined Sugar damages skin tissue

 Refined sugar consumption triggers a process called glycation in which the sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins. The result is harmful new proteins called "AGEs" (advanced glycation end-products) that cause harm to all cells in the body.

 They also make collagen proteins more rigid. The result is reduced elasticity in this important structural skin protein. Wrinkles and creases can then form more easily due to repeated ingestion of sugar, refined carbohydrates and environmental damage.

 The brittle texture caused by glycation can be remedied by using skincare guardian lotions or cream. I add virgin coconut oil and herbal extracts which break down the brittle protein and replace it with a new healthy cell. The elasticity will return to your skin along with your healthy glow and the ability to reverse the fine lines by toning the skin. It may take up to a year for the total make-over but, holistically it is working on all your systems daily so you feel great while your transitioning toward optimal health.

Plant Extracts in lotion and creams by Skincare Guardian for Optimal Health. Your youthful appearance can and will be restored.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Click Here for Clarifying Hydrosol Toner

Clarifying Hydrosol Toner

Lemon Balm, Rosemary, and Sage

A skin clarifying mist, designed and processed from fresh cut herbs has a

special quality; the lipid fluids are extracted from the plants as a steam and

are condensed as a liquid (hydrosol-distillate). The mist is empowered with

anti-inflammatory compounds, anti -oxidants, antiseptic, anti -(viral, fungal,

bacterial) elements. This hydrosol is soothing on open scratches, scrapes, and

cuts. The following conditions respond favorably, eczema, inflammation, insect

bites, and rashes in general.

This blend works on open raw eczema without any irritation. It is a good facial

toner for complicated acne, rashes, and red patches. The mist is a gentle tonic,

no harsh chemicals, and offers many underlining benefits, try it you will begin

to feel the electrolytes synergy.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Radiation fallout and how to protect yourself

P.R.A.Y. (Pernicious Radiation Attacking You) A list of conservative modalities is believed to have radioprotective effects

Sunday, March 20, 2011 7:26

Radioactive fallout and contamination from the recent nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi power complex in Japan is potentially a worldwide problem. The United States and other countries are ill-equipped to protect against radioactive iodine-131, caesium-137 and other forms of radiation by-products.

It’s well established that exposure to large doses of radiation can cause death within a few hours or days while lesser exposures may lead to many different types of cancers including; thyroid, breast, skin, stomach, bone, blood, brain, lung and others.

Conventional intervention should always be employed as means of mitigating radiation exposure such as that being reported about in Japan. Skin decontamination is managed through frequent and through bathing of water to the affected areas.

Although there is no known method available to completely prevent exposure to radiation from being absorbed into the human body, supplements in the form of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbal, homeopathic medicines, amino acids, probiotics and natural hormone(s) may provide some level of protection in the form of free radical reduction and radiation detoxification. Additionally, certain foods and detoxification baths are worth consideration.

In light of the current acute crisis in Japan, the world is focused on nuclear radiation/fallout. However, what many people may not realize is that insidious and casual forms of ionizing radiation are also dangerous as our exposure levels increase. I’m referring to radiation exposure from first and secondhand cigarette smoke, X-rays, CT scans, cancer radiation therapy, radon gas and cosmic radiation from taking jet airplane flights.

The following list of conservative modalities is believed to have radioprotective effects and may provide some level of cellular detoxification.

1. Potassium iodide (KI) tablets – available in select health and drugs stores. However, as of the writing of this document, it may be difficult to obtain potassium iodide due to a strong public demand. Potassium iodate (KIO3) tablets are generally less expensive and have a longer shelf life.

2. EDTA chelation – consult a MD, DO or ND provider experienced in chelation therapy

3. Melatonin – protects every cell in the body against ionizing radiation damage, unlike iodide which acts exclusively on the thyroid gland.

4. AHCC ( Active Hexose Correlated Compound) – this shiitake mushroom derived botanical has potent free radical quenching capabilities

5. Chlorella tablets or powder. This is a fresh water single-celled green algae derived plant is believed to possess radioprotective properties. It’s therapeutic affects come from its ability to neutralize damaging free radicals that would otherwise damage cells and tissues

6. Spirulina tablets or powder. After the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Russia, spirulina supplementation was purportedly able to reduce urine radioactivity levels by fifty percent in approximately three weeks.

7. Vitamin D - Radiological health expert Daniel Hayes, Ph.D., of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggests that a form of vitamin D could be one of our body's main protections against radiation, specifically low levels of radiation. Writing in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Hayes explains that calcitriol (vitamin D3), the active form of vitamin D, may protect us from background radiation and could be used as a safe protective agent before or after a low-level nuclear incident. Hayes argues that vitamin D, and in particular its biologically active form – vitamin D3, could be the key ingredient in protection against radiation

8. Reduced glutathione – is an amino acid believed to reduce free-radical damage to DNA and prevents depletion of other antioxidants.

9. Causticum, Ginseng and Ruta graveolens – can be useful homeopathic medicines. These and others can be used if a radioactive release occurs and maybe helpful in counteracting exposure effects

10. Epson salt, baking soda and clay baths. These long used detoxification baths are considered safe, effective and inexpensive when it comes to eliminating harmful substances from the body including radiation

Lastly, many readily available foods should be considered as a staple when it comes to systemic radiation contamination management and include; all cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, collards greens, cabbage, turnips, bok choy, and kale. Additionally, fermented soy products and sea vegetables should be frequently consumed including; miso, kelp, wakame, brown rice and kombu.

To your good health,

Dr. Bob Martin

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New - Calm Enchantment - Herbal Lotion skin care- wax free - Click Here

                                                                 Calm Enchantment Herbal Lotion

 From the most universal to the exotic essential oils; an intriguing synergy is created to empower harmony with an enchanting melody. Calm Enchantment includes sweet orange, frankincense, sandalwood, amber, and lavender. As this lotion has a lasting effect, it will stay with you; so breathe and allow yourself to be aware  of the deeper notes and reach for purity within as the essence is purity itself.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New - Alluren Lotion - Exquisite and Organic ingredients

  New Alluren Lotion

Aluren lotion has a floral bouquet that is sweet and alluring. Be in the moment as you moisturize or massage your skin and continue to breathe the aromatherapy. The aroma triggers a gentle uplifting energy which will comfort you in all your creative thoughts and will bring you into the moment, a deep peaceful sleep, a romantic evening, or to simply relax and enjoy the exotic aroma. Enjoy being in the moment. The lotion contains virgin coconut oil and aloe vera extract to build new collagen; these emollients are a vital link to healthy skin. Virgin Coconut Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and can shed free radical damage from skin cells and renew healthy skin tissue. For best results virgin coconut oil should be used every day for optimum health benefits. Aluren lotion is a deep penetrating blend to restore hydration and deliver moisture to the surface of the skin.

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Roman Chamomile (anthemis nobilis) Origin Greece and was known as Chamaimelon, meaning ground apple. Chamomile has certain key notes of apple fragrance and flavor, its sweet aroma will allure you peacefully to a calm place and rejuvenate your mood. In strong enough quantity Chamaimelon does have a bite, a bitter dose to remind you why your here; to treat excessive stress and nervousness, ease off back pain from during pms and menstruation and may be helpful for hyper active conditions in children.

Chamomile's in skin care products will provide UVA protection and it is gentle enough for your babies skin care needs. Chamomile contains pain killing compounds, chamomiles properties are still being used today (outside of America) to cure headaches and has the potential to provide toothache pain relief.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rosemary - "The Herb of Remembrance"

Rosemary - The truth behind the effectiveness of herbs and their counter-part, essential oils, is the versatile synergistic actions herbs have on our whole body. Holistic health, strengthening and balancing our body, mind, and spiritual disciplines, work very well with whole herbs and the same elements and compounds are shared from the earth for the plant kingdom and the human race.

First the plant digests all the raw minerals and anarobic organisms into chemical constituants and compounds our body can utilize. The lipid fluids in plant plasma match our blood lipids and are readily available to us in the form of essential oils, spices, and herbs.

Along comes rosemary, poetic italics...'the dew of the sea'. The mornig dew, vitaly important to nurture the whole earth and the Aroma from the mist of the sea... Rosemary, encases our mind, channeling all the nero-receptors to attain thoughts, strength, and purpose to confront the day by strengthening our endocrine system.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Botanical Skin Care Products Store

Today is the day...We have launched our new store...
Skin Care Guardian.
For your convenience our botanical index is designed to group all our products that contain the particular herb, and give you the knowledge on the particular herb so you know what it is good for and what product you should use it in. Plant oils and their value for skin care, such as virgin coconut oil will be grouped under virgin coconut oil. Essential oils, such as Tea Tree, all the products we make containing tea tree essential oil will be grouped under Tea Tree.
Aromatherapy, synergistic blends of essential oils, for your desire and skin care. Groupings integrated for your skin care... Lavender Herb Garden: lavender, geranium, rosemary, sweet orange, patchouli. Lavender Herb Garden Bath Salts, Lavender Herb Garden Soap, Lavender Herb Garden Moisturizer Oil.
A little bit about the synergistic combination of Lavender Herb Garden... It is blended with high, medium, and low notes which are released at once and start to balance and harmonize the atmosphere and alert your mental faculties too tune out and tune in to your own harmony and balance. This blend is a restorative for your energy level, an anti inflammatory for your muscles and joints, anti viral - anti bacterial- anti microbial- assists respiratory conditions and strengthens your mental state of mind by boosting your endocrine system.