Friday, November 9, 2012

Unsolicited Customer Stories

                                                            New Testimonies
    Results our customers are sharing about our products deem a note worthy testimony,for our own knowledge as well as a new use for the product that may be beneficial to some of you with the same condition. The diversity of our products, from one persons application to another is a hands on practical approach to annoying or chronic symptoms that may be resolved by simply trying a product for a particular disease in one or more body systems.  This may attribute a beneficial synergy, with the potential to correct the underlying problem.
   Last week I was asked, "Do you make a leave in, hair enhancer, I can apply directly to my hair?"  She had just come from the beauty parlor and cannot use anything with alcohol on her scalp. She has eczema and her scalp is very dry.  Her hair is thick and fine, with strikingly silver and black undertones. Her hair has layers and they were falling in her face.  I showed her the Vitality Hair tonic and she put some in her hand, rubbed Vitality to make a thin coating in her palms and asked to see the mirror.  She quickly crunched and fluffed her hair...walahah! Vitality set her waves and added body and bounce to the hair shaft which made her hair fluffy.  It was a different look all together, number 1 she was happy with the set, her smile was beautiful, number 2 her hair had a lift, curl and bounce without falling in her face.  Her response, was  declarative,"You sold me!" I will try it as a moisturizer for my scalp and then shampoo it out. Shampoo a second time and add Vitality tonic to the lather and work into hair, rinse thoroughly. The hair will feel clean, light, and silky.
   Another astonishing discovery involves the Ancient Healer Salve. A saleswoman,for our pets, sells Prescription Diet. She services my area and was at the front door of my store before I opened. She was knocking at the door, smiling and waving. I let her in and she went straight for the Ancient Healer. She said, "This salve helps my daughters acne like nothing else on the market." They have been in and out of the dermatologist and they were discouraged with the results. The medicine treats the acne and draws the skin tight and dries it out so much she is left with inflammation and damaged skin tissue. She said, 'This salve doen not dry out her skin and heals the acne without causing inflammation and little sores on her face. My response, "Really?"
  Her daughters acne is under control and she wants 2 jars one for at home and one to take with her on trips.
   Jewelweed Salve is effective and efficient for so many different rashes, skin infections, insect bites, contact dermatitis, etc.
   The testimonies I have personally heard this week are true.  I would love to know how our products are helping you. Your testimony will be shared with others anonymously.
Whole plants for whole people,
Thank you for reading,
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