Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Baby shampoos, powders and lotions have been linked with possible reproductive
problems for our children. Chemicals DEP, DEHP, or Phthalates are added to baby products
to hold the scent of the synthetic fragrance on their skin longer. In the study phthalates were
found in elevated levels in the urine of babies who'd been recently shampoo, powdered, or
lotioned with baby products. I'm posting the link so you can read the article for yourself.

I'm sorry to have to post this alarming news, it breaks my heart and scares me to death!
I do have an alternative for baby care. Chamomile and calendula cream to nurture and protect
your children, even if they are 30 years old! I also make a chamomile shampoo body bar, it's my
mothers favorite, she is 84.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oily skin? Skeptical about putting oil on your face?

For too many years people have been misinformed about nurturing our faces because of fear for acne and oil blockages. The truth is our face has flare ups do to sensitivity to chemicals and
and bacterial. We need to assists our system by feeding the skin what it needs to resist inflammation.

To start the transition use the herbal soap for oily skin for example: peppermint and tea tree soap. Then a proper toner is one that will break up the oil blockages, resist bacteria, and relax the face by eliminating inflammation completely. An example of this type of protection is Jewelweed topical spray, it does all this and more.

The most important assistance to prevent complications from reocurring is to nourish your skin correctly. Anna's Skin Renewal has many different nutrients and anti-microbial elements blended with pure plants extracts without chemical additives. Just try a drop or two at a time and see for yourself how the renewal will change the appearance of your skin by eliminating the rednesss, blending your skin tone by diminishing blemishes, increasing elasticity, and moisturizing. Hydration is so important! It allows the skin cells to be flexible so they can form collagen.

The Rose hydrosol or also called the Rose Floral Water mist will hydrate your skin and protect you from acne flare ups.

You can read more about all the benefits each individual item offers by clicking on my product
ingredient list.