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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New - Alluren Lotion - Exquisite and Organic ingredients

  New Alluren Lotion

Aluren lotion has a floral bouquet that is sweet and alluring. Be in the moment as you moisturize or massage your skin and continue to breathe the aromatherapy. The aroma triggers a gentle uplifting energy which will comfort you in all your creative thoughts and will bring you into the moment, a deep peaceful sleep, a romantic evening, or to simply relax and enjoy the exotic aroma. Enjoy being in the moment. The lotion contains virgin coconut oil and aloe vera extract to build new collagen; these emollients are a vital link to healthy skin. Virgin Coconut Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant and can shed free radical damage from skin cells and renew healthy skin tissue. For best results virgin coconut oil should be used every day for optimum health benefits. Aluren lotion is a deep penetrating blend to restore hydration and deliver moisture to the surface of the skin.