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5 Step System in Skincare Guardian's Complete Facial

                        5 Step System 
Custom design with you in mind.

 Vitality in our skincare products begin and end with fresh botanical extracts.  Vitality, is invigorating energy, a good example is electrolytes, found within people, plants, and animals; they are powered and transformed by the suns energy. A therapeutically designed, aromatic, holistic, skincare line is vitally important to deliver natural chemicals to the 9 systems in our body. The synergy is directed by the guardian within us all. Our intention is to maintain the integrity and vitality of our skincare guardians’ facial system and deliver right to your nose and body pure aroma and hydrotherapy.  The microscopic molecular chemicals are delivered through our sweet glands, hair follicles, skin tissue and the ‘ol-factory system’ which starts at the bridge of our nose, and for the most fortunate with your sense of smell. Within minutes, pure vaporized wholesome constituents and pure essential oils, distillates, and whole plant infusions and extracts, start travelling holistically.
  Skincare Guardians 5 Step Facial System is explained in detail to bring clarity to all your questions:
___1st System_ Cleansing,   Moisten your face with warm water and apply lotion with your hands and wash. Wet a washcloth with warm to hot water and wring out excess water. Rub off cleansing lotion.  Use as a make-up in the same fashion.  This is a cleansing and moisturizing lotion. Holistically, It is designed to cleanse,soothe and repair skin trauma.  The gamma-linoleic acid,  a main component of our cells also thrives in the Anna’s Secret Cleansing Lotion.  The other nutrients, which are synergistically available are vitamin A (carrot seed oil); vitamin C (alpha hydroxyl acids); lauric acid and linoleic acid (virgin coconut oil). The cleansing lotion offers protection and is designed to cleanse pores, relax the skin and to restore by absorption, the nutrients which repair, reconstruct and rebirth new healthy cells. These nutrients in the first system are cleansing, healing, and opening the pores by softening the skin.
___1st System__ Lathering and cleansing our face with pure herbal soap. The lather is so soft and the essential oils smell so beautiful. An astringent and cleanser we all visit regularly.
For Dry Skin:     A. Sweet- Orange Moisturizer Soap
              B. Patchouli Face and Bath Soap
              C. Lavender Vitamin E Face and Bath Soap
For Dry-Normal-Oily:  A. Rose Geranium cleanses the sebaceous oils, tones, tightens, and hydrates the pores.      
                 B. Ylang-Ylang, is for oily T zone and dry skin; oily T zone and normal skin; oily T zone and normal skin. Ylang-Ylang, balances, by slowing down over-active oil glands and picks up sluggish, under-active oil glands.
                 C. Wild Yam and Ginko, this is a regulator for all. Because it cleanses deeply and has profound moisturizing therapy, detoxes impurities from fat cells (excessive estrogen is ingested by inhaling environmental pollutants caused by fuel emissions). Wild yam and Ginko with rhassoul clay is an exfoliator and skin softener, deep cleanser and moisturizer.
Oily Skin:  A. Rosemary ‘All-In-One’
        B. Rose Complexion (rose geranium and rose maroc)
        C. Rose with White Clay is great for oily skin while it exfoliates dead dry skin as well.  
Oily Skin & Acne:  A. Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap, is for complicated skin complexions. After washing the face and towel drying, use the soap for an acne treatment…Rub your finger on the wet bar of soap and dab onto acne. Let the soap dry on your skin and leave it there. This will get to the root of the problem, thanks to the anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, also the synergy works with the immune system to resist infection.
                B. St John’s Wart/Tea Tree /Calendula soap,  is a super dooper power buster on acne. Wam.. Bam… Thank you Man!…It’s a guy soap. Unless of course you like the smell of Tea Tree Oil….The smell is medicinal.
                C. Aloe &Eucalyptus:  A broad spectrum antibacterial with the ability to penetrate complicated acne and infected acne. Rub some wet soap on the red areas and the acne.
Jewelweed Topical & Jewelweed Topical with Ylang Ylang:                               
 Follow up with this antiseptic toner. Wash face with either peppermint & Tea Tree soap or Aloe & Eucalyptus ‘All-In-One.’   Moisten face with Jewelweed Topical Spray, allow it to dry. Then, spray some jewelweed topical on the soap, rub until film appears and smudge on acne and red areas. Wipe excess soap residue off your face if you plan to wear makeup. Or do this treatment before bedtime and clean face in the morning with soap and water, spray with jewelweed topical allow to dry and then put on your make-up.
1st Step:  Skincare guardian facial system.
Designed to deliver wholesome goodness…
Whole Plants for Whole People,
 2nd System__ Toning__ Hydrosols are gentle yet effective; they can be used undiluted without problems for most topical applications. Hydrosols do contain some of the properties of essential oils, so whichever one you use will have a mild effect on your skin. All hydrosols are not the same they have a different PH, and deliver a different healing effect on the skin. The PH influences its effect as a healing hydrotherapy.
  Lavender Hydrosol is considered a full bodied, hydrotherapy with a PH 5.6-5.9 this is very close to neutral PH, 6.0-6.9. It is ideal for every skin type on a regular basis. Lavender has regenerative effects for skin care, on dry skin, thin skin, damaged or fragile skin it will not alter the PH of any other products you may already be using. Mist it on the face, neck and your hair for hydrotherapy in excessively dry atmospheres. Spray on your skin both before and after shaving, or hair removal, one example tweezing your eyebrows to reduce inflammation, to get a closer shave, and prevent ingrown hairs. Little girls love to have their own perfume, and this one will not cause allergies or skin reactions.
  Lemon Balm Hydrosol is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with a PH of 4.8-5.0, it is a mildly acidic distillate. The beneficial hydrotherapy for a facial toner is noted, as an anti aging and after-sun skin care regimen. It is a good skin clarifier and will calm rashes, irritations, and eczema. Lemon Balm as a mist will wash away dry flaky skin. The lemon scent will add a burst of sunshine to you day and counteract the effects of dark gloomy days, a mild anti-depressant for seasonal affective disorder.
 Clary Sage Hydrosol has a 5.5-5.7 PH and makes a lovely toner for your face. Mist clary sage on your face to bring a moist glow to your skin. It is astringent and toning in nature for oily skin types. Clary Sage hydrotherapy delivers mild antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities for topical use.
  Rose Geranium Hydrosol I personally label a woman's best friend. It is noted as the favorite all around skin care hydrotherapy for everyone from the very young to the very old. Rose Geranium is a balancer and adaptogenic for oily skin, acne, dry, and sensitive skin. Rose Geranium’s hydrotherapy will protect from the effects of the environment, spray 2-3 times a day the adaptogenic properties in rose geranium will rehydrate your skin right over your makeup and enhance a fresh moist glow to the face. On clean skin it is a great toner, with a PH of 4.9-5.2, it dissolves sebaceous oils which build in our pores, and bacteria feeds on causing acne. Rose Geranium hydrosol reverses fine lines and hydrates which is a very important second step in my hydrotherapy skin care line. It is effective anti- inflammatory on skin conditions with redness, such as broken capillaries, rosacea, and spider veins.
  Clarifying Toner has a PH ranging from 4.6-5.7, and is a combination of Lemon Balm, Clary Sage, and Rosemary. The hydrotherapy I designed for the Clarifying Toner, is minor acne and to keep your skin free of acne, rashes, and inflammation. It is a great combination for eczema, psoriasis, and any other form topical dermatitis. It is a soothing mist and the hydrotherapy is comforting. It is mild enough to spray on your eyes if they are itchy.
Jewelweed Topical with Ylang Ylang is prepared by herbal extraction, it is not a hydrosol, but I must list here for complicated acne. I add ylang ylang essential oil to this mix because it balances oil production by slowing down over active oil glands and activating sluggish oil glands. It is a good combination for oily T zone features. As an astringent apply over acne with a cotton ball or spay on our peppermint and tea tree soap, make a film or paste and smudge the combination over acne and let it dry. Use as needed, it will eliminate the redness in acne, dry up acne, without damaging the epidermis in the process of clarifying acne.
Jewelweed Topical Mist works well on acne and oily skin. As an astringent apply over acne with a cotton ball or spay on our peppermint and tea tree soap, make a film or paste and smudge the combination over acne and let it dry. Use as needed, it will eliminate the redness in acne, dry up acne, without damaging the epidermis in the process of clarifying acne. It also works on all itchy rashes which may occur on the face as well as body. It is an efficient anti-inflammatory and eliminates redness and swelling caused by allergies, etc.

3rd System__Revitalizing__Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal Serum goes beyond maintenance for healthy skin, the gamma linolenic acid found in evening primrose and borage oil, is a main component of our cells, the essential fatty acid is restored and available to repair skin tissue,  heal puffy eyes, mend scrapes and bruises and the anti oxidants cleanse and break down scar tissue.  Gamma linolenic acid, is an essential fatty acid, and it activates the cellular system and nourishes the cells.  The synergy in this serum will break down scar tissue, it takes time to turn the cells around. Cells live for one year at a time and new cell replace the old.  At this stage a healthier cell will replenish our body, replacing the old scar tissue with new vitality along the way. The synergy helps repair rutty skin, blemished skin, scaly, dry, sensitive, and thin skin.
Enjoy the wholesome properties from this serum. The skin cells remain suspended in the lipid  fluids, singularly and actively, by consuming the fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and the volatile oils.                                             
Enjoy our one and only serum.
Whole Plants for Whole People.

4th System__Moisturizer_ The creams in the Skin Care Guardian system are designed to promote healthy collagen which repairs skin tissue. The moisturizing quality is hydrating and our skin absorbs the cream like a sponge.  You will be able to feel the difference within minutes. The creams are also incredibly effective for people with thin skin, leathery skin (from prolonged sun exposure), dehydrated skin, and even healthy skin tissue will feel like satin. The benefits do not end after they absorb into your skin, the cream has another important quality.  It is our guardian and shield against damaging UV rays.

All the creams contain virgin coconut oil, aloe juice, herbal extracts and beeswax, the difference is in the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. Except the wild yam cream stands alone because it is therapeutically designed herbal based cream. Trust your sense of smell, if you like it you will wear it.  If you cannot smell, enjoy anyway.  All the creams are beneficial for your well-being.

Lavender Cream:
Lavender is a delicate essential oil and clinically proven to heal burns, and promotes new skin tissue. It is considered anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial,anti inflammatory, and smells whimsical in nature.
The aromatherapy has a relaxing, calming effect which promotes a peaceful state of mind. Lavender essential oil is a restorative and adaptogen, both conditions strengthen the weaker systems in the body. A couple of examples are after a sick spell you are left drained, with no energy. Lavender cream will address your circulatory system, providing more energy for a quicker recovery. If you feel lethargic, lavender cream will provide energy so you can get up and go forward or if you have anxiety, lavender cream will calm your nervous system.  Physiologically and therapeutically lavender is a universal essential oil with many, many benefits. Lavender cream is for complete enjoyment.

Rose Geranium Cream:
This cream I like to think of as my first responder to so many conditions involving the female reproductive system.  Rose Geranium Cream is a regulator for estrogen/progesterone emballance. With PMS and the menopausal system the hot flashes disappear. It is really balancing for low stamina and afternoon fatigued because it restores the adrenocortical and pancreas which is part of the endocrine system. Geranium cream addresses an anti-inflammatory reaction on rheumatic and arthritic conditions. This issue leads to the cream being a practical approach to relieving joint pain, even though you weren't looking for anything besides a nice moisturizing cream. This is my ultimate reason for using whole plant extracts. There are so many compounds available from botanical extracts and the Guardian within plants and people will deliver the compounds where they are needed. If you do not have arthritis your body will not use them but will release by cleansing the compounds you do not use from your body.

Lime Blossom Cream:
Lime Blossom Cream reaches out to you and lends a hand, it is uplifting and   balances equilibrium and restores confidence and self-esteem. It is a romantic blend and the perfect cream to wear for your “Knight in shining armor”. It is an aphrodisiac which means an agent that boosts up libido and sexual desires. All skin types benefit from this cream.

Patchouli Cream:
Patchouli Cream allows one to put to rest skin problems you don’t particularly want to talk about.  Patchouli is a digester of toxins in the skin helping acne, dissolving cellulite, for itchy hives, fluid retention, weight reduction, and helps to prevent wrinkles. Patchouli dissolves sebaceous oils, tones and tightens the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles from occurring. Patchouli strengthens your immune and circulatory system which helps your body resist the symptoms of autoimmune disease. It is a calming and strengthening essential oil, and in nature prevents the skin from sudden flare ups, causing red patches on the skin, in some cases the symptoms it will relieve are autoimmune diseases, such as rosacea, which reacts favorably with patchouli.

Calendula/Chamomile Cream:

Chamomile, Calendula Cream proliferate new skin cells which will bond to hard calluses. Calendula and Chamomile mend skin abrasions due to the astringent and antiseptic constituents, they cleanse and disinfect open sores, acne, rashes and ruptured skin tissue. It is wonderful for childhood diseases with symptoms that create skin rashes, such as (hand, foot, and mouth disease.)  This cream has been used for skin allergies, diaper rash, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, sensitive skin, and restless legs. Calendula, chamomile, aloe juice, virgin coconut oil, and unrefined bees wax offer incredible protection from our suns dangerous harmful UV-A and UV-B. It is also a very good moisturizer with soothing effects for extremely dry skin, and all very dry skin conditions. The cream is gentle enough to use on new born babies and children who are restless, this cream is calming and will help children settle down that are high strung and/or have high anxiety.  

Refreshing Comfort:
I like this cream in the summer and winter for it therapeutic benefits to alter seasonal affective disorder (SAD) The citrus essential oils and cedar wood essential oil deliver electrolytes and oxygen to the brain stem and our brain processes the natural chemicals as we do, sun light and natural lighting. From our customers we received testimony that this cream protects skin sensitivities and rashes from chlorinated water. The alpha hydroxyl acid in citrus essential oils will release away dry scaly skin and lift away flaky dry skin.

Ylang Ylang Cream:
Ylang Ylang addresses many different systems at once to benefit your well- being.  Ylang Ylang, releases pheromones throughout your body and in due process physiologically balances your emotions, sensual and sexual inhibitions, insecurity, and low self- esteem. Ylang ylang balances and harmonizes mood swings, both mental and emotional conflict.
For the complexion ylang ylang, for oily skin regulates the T zone area and balances over-active oil glands and sluggish oil glands. It is great for dry and combination skin types. Your skin shaft will stay be hydrated and the suppleness of the skin will detect a healthy beautiful glow all day long.

Wild Yam Cream:
Wild Yam Cream designed to nurture, protect, moisturize and hydrate your body. The active constituent in wild yam is progesterone and it is absorbed through our skin and releases estrogen from our fat cells.  It is the only cream designed to draw estrogen out of our fat cells. It also breaks down fat in order to release the estrogen. So use this cream on your soft areas, including your neck and underarms. Another benefit is the cream detoxes our cells. Unfortunately, natural estrogen has the same chemical structure as some of the elements released from car emissions. Our body absorbs these environmental pollutants automatically. Wild Yam cream will strengthen our bones and protect us from osteoporosis, as well as reverse osteoporosis by rebuilding the bone mass. The progesterone, a natural supplement found in fresh foods, strengthens and fills in the porous brittle bone mass. Dr. John Lee in his book ‘Progesterone’ concluded his research by doing all his trials and measuring the bone mass of his patients before they started using his wild yam cream. He measured the porous, brittle bones before, during, and continually to determine the density of the bones. His discovery was profound. A natural whole plant extract, from wild yams, a whole food supplement, not a drug, is our best defense from thinning bones caused by the lack of proper nourishment from our food sources. Because our food is stored in warehouses before arriving to the grocery stores the progesterone oxidizes.
Therapeutically, the cream will also keep your skin supple, healthy, soft and smooth.  The synergy will help with PMS and menopausal conditions.

Amber Cream:
Mystical, Amber Cream is designed to help calm your mind and warm your heart. It is a beautiful essence, sweet vanilla with musty tones of sandalwood and cedar wood high lights. It is exquisite to calm the mind and bring you to your heart center. It is a heart, warming, esoteric blend with lovely vanilla high lights. Very pretty essence with lovely highlights.

5th System__ Hydrating_ is  a process that cleanses the skin and discharges free radicals connection to your skin cells. The reason anti-oxidants are so popular today, is due to the imbalance of  negative and positive Ions  in our atmosphere. This imbalance causes free  radicals travel into our body at a faster rate than normal, and they join on to our cells. They begin to cluster and grow into tumors, the beginning stages of cancer.  The minute amounts of essential oils that exist in the hydrosol distillates are directly responsible for this breakthrough.  By combining oxygen to the hydrosol distillates through a positive  molecular charge, the key exchange  takes place.  A practical approach for what a little bit of protection offers. Misting the face with hydrosol, distillates of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Clarifying Toner, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, and or the Spearmint/Peppermint blend.  This air freshener, ions, osmosis begins to hydrate healthy skin cells...Whole Plants for Whole People.
 How this works is quite simple and if I may say, unique to all other cosmetics. Because of the osmosis that takes place when  fresh plants are distilled.  This positive reaction transforms the fluid within the plant, including the essential oil into  hydrosol, a  water distillate..Once bottled, the hydrosol is sustained and until  the mist hits the air and the hydrosol lands on the skin then this positive charge disperses the vitality. This positive charge mixed with oxygen, creates the negative ion, which is necessary to penetrate and separate the free radical from the cells.  We do not hear enough about natural occurring antioxidants.  The more antioxidants we have available, the healthier we will be.  
  Hydration is the next benefit from hydrosols. All skin types will benefit from staying hydrated. For oily skin types this fifth step will release any deep blockages in the pores created by sebaceous oils settling in the pores, which is where bacteria feeds and acne develops. Normal skin will benefit with more hydration and less fine lines.  And dry thin skin will benefit from hydrating by keeping their skin from becoming itchy, scaly, and finally forming abrasions and deep wrinkles.
Our skin will have naturally occurring, antioxidant protection built into the five step system to help us maintain our vitality.  Here a few descriptions and reminders to help you decide what hydrosols your skincare needs.

Lemon Balm Hydrosol: Promotes relaxation and is calming but not a sedative. Works well to spray on your face and breathe this mist to settle down headaches caused by fatigue and stress
Soothes, eczema and dry patchy skin. A good cleanser for all skin types.

Lavender Hydrosol: Cooling for hot flashes and soothing on damaged or fragile skin. Antiseptic, cleanser and toner for all skin types.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol:  Mist for dry, mature, sensitive, and dull skin. It will revitalize the skin. Geranium will stop hot flashes and regulates female hormones on an emotional level. Rose Geranium instills feelings of joy by signalling out fatigued. It is noticeable, after misting your face and hair, it restores your energy. It is an anti-inflammatory, and restores the reproductive and circulatory system.

Rosemary:  Great for problem skin, calms irritation, bumps, and roughness.  Clarifies and brightens all complexions.   Rosemary is soothing on psoriasis, is mildly antiseptic, and it is anti-infectious.

Sage:  A strong anti-oxidant.  Sage restores vitality by stimulating the circulation system. Works well on cuts, scrapes, and skin abrasions caused by shaving.

Clarifying Toner:  Anti-oxidant.  Good cleanser and first aid for skin rashes and acnes.  A good antidote for mild acne flair ups. Clarifying Toner helps maintain clear complexions, balance the skin mantle and balance the skins PH.  Great cosmetic to maintain a healthy beautiful complexion.

Peppermint/Spearmint Hydrosol:  Cooling yet stimulating, an anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic. A mild anti-oxidant. A great mist to cool hot flashes.  Peppermint/Spearmint hydrosol, combats itching and stings, calms razor burn and is a nice cosmetic for aftershave hydrotherapy.

This last step, but not least can enhance the fresh look of your make up. Just mist your face throughout the day to maintain your fresh look.
Enjoy the complete facial system. Or custom design the best system for you, from system 1-5.

Whole Plants for Whole People
The Skincare Guardian
Anna Sangemino

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