Monday, January 30, 2012

Supportive essential oils for seasonal effective disorder

BERGAMOT - Citrus Bergamia

Uplifting and refreshing oil, said to be good for confidence building. It is
greenish-yellow in color (darkening with age) and fresh, sweet-fruity, slightly
balsamic. Bergamot is proported to be useful for oily and blemished skin,
exzema, urinary tract infection, intestinal parasites, anxiety and depression.
It is familiar as the flavoring in Earl Grey Tea.
Bergamot is considered to be:
Uplifting, soothing, balancing, anti-depressant, and antiseptic.

Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD)
A decline in the amount of sunlight we receive triggers the body to produce
different hormones than longer days with more sunlight. Light deprevation is
linked to a physical disease call "seasonal affective disorder.)
When the eyes, even with eye lids closed, perceives specific levels of light,
the brain begins to produce hormones. The production of seratonin, causes the
body to awaken. On the other end of the spectrum when it is dark the body
produces melatonin, to help us fall asleep.
Our best defense on cloudy dark days,when we wake we should wash with citrus
soaps, we have sweet orange moisturizer soap,moisturize with lime blossom cream,
and mist the air with our aromatherapy, uplifting aroma mist, and add the
uplifting blend to your defusers.
My recommendations promotes clarity of thought and purpose as well as physical
energy. The aromas are invigorating and warming.

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