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Stress causes a lack of oxygen 2 dangerous combinations

Stress Causes a lack of oxygen together a dangerous combination

Harmful experiences cause a tremendous amount of stress and the side effects cover a full spectrum of health concerns. I spoke earlier about the vitality in my skincare products. The vitality is synergistic and applies to a wide range of therapeutic value for a holistic lifestyle. Essential oils for the bath along with a cup of tea, soft light and aromatherapy products are necessary, if not mandatory when you fall prey to a severe stress attack. Anxiety, heart palpitations, grief, shock, depression, etc. Severe stress, causes real suffering internally, and is the ground work for many serious diseases.

Man is a mixture of light and darkness, a 24 hour day is structured by the light and darkness. Why do we sleep better in total darkness? Because this is the time of day when we detox, and who in their right mind can endure all the discomfort toxins cause. We are infiltrated with dark energy and all the ill effects darkness wreaks on our mind, body, and soul...~``

We suffer in areas where there is stagnation. Dark stagnant places is the perfect medium for destructive organisms, which will destroy all who abide. Darkness, as chronic conditions grow, will build destructive blockages, such as an old injuries do. There are stagnant, dead corpuscles that prevent circulation causing a total lack of oxygen. This creates a physical and emotional blockage. This can be changed. Spiritually we can recieve light and oxygen. Bathing we can recieve oxygen from the negative ions in the essential oils, from deep breathing we intionally deliver oxygen to our cells. Negative ions from the essential oil surpasses all. It travels quickly and freely in between our cells in the lipid fluid, than reaction and connections occur. The negative ions are back where they belong, in the center of our cells, ready to take orders from the guardian within. Where you go from here you are on your own...

I may be able to help you get there with some recommendations for stress related conditons. Rose, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, and citrus oils all can reach the stagnant blockages in your body. How do they work?

Essential oils are loaded with negative ions, this is an electrical charge within plants that deliver oxygen to the dark stagnent areas in your body. Negative ions reside in the volitile oils, a living component with a vital synergy. The vitality of negative ions, loaded with oxygen, can repair damaged cells by delivering oxygen back to the center of the cells. Oxygen is healing, and remains the center of every living being. Cancer, cardio vascular disorders, reproductive problems, digestive disorders, kidney and liver disease all can start to heal with the help of essential oils. Emotional issues, some of the best oils to balance all internal conditions...

Let us all walk in the light and let the healing begin.

Products I recommend is calm enchantment bath salts and calm enchantment lotion. Refreshing comfort cream and southern citrus aromatherapy mist. Lavender soap, lavender herb garden mist, massage oil, bath salts, and lavender cream or lotion. Skincare Guardian collection...

Anna's Secret Skin Renewal (complete synergy)

Rose Geranium Cream and soap

Lavender Cream and soap

Refreshing Comfort Cream and sweet orange soap.

Patchouly and ultimat tonic a detoxer with a calming synergy.

All of these synergies deliver oxygen to our cells, strenghten the system or systems in our body, and repair damaged cells. Also calm your emotions and deliver light to the area where darkness hit the hardest.

Take a relaxing bath and let oxygen heal and bring the light in.

Live Pure,

Anna Sangemino

"The Skincare Guardian"

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