Friday, January 13, 2012

"Vitality" Pure Skincare Products

   Vitality in your skincare products begin and end with deliberate, intnentionional, pure natural skincare. Vitality, is pure power found within every living thing on this planet.   Intentionally,  I will deliver holistic, therapeutic, aromatherapy from the guardian of us all. The active constituents within each plant is its own holistic system. Upon extraction of each plant, we design and blend each therapeutic product, with integrity and vitality. Our intention is to deliver right to your nose and body pure skincare and aromatherapy . Our skin being the largest vital organ in our body, not to undermind our heart, lungs, etc. The Guardian within us all, accepts these active componenets and distributes them within minutes through the skin and your sense of smell, filling you with pure vitality and chemicals that we are able to process, strengthen, protect, allure, and cleanse holistically all the systems in our body.
   Our products are designed for ultimate health. I do play with the aromatherapy, intentioally, to help you maintain pure bliss, and ultimate health. The intentional therapeutic benefit... is to enjoy the harmony of all your senses as they come alive!

Stay pure,
"Skincare Guardian"

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