Friday, July 15, 2016

(Yellow) Lemongrass Essential Oil

Yellow - Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil has a rich yellow color. Used in creams and lotions,  in bath water and massage oil, it can clear cellulite, tone the skin, open blocked pores and can treat acne.  Lemongrass is an antiseptic, this yellow essential oil works as a deodorant, it is anti-fungal and antibacterial.
The colors exist in essential oils, due to the sunlight and how the plants react with the wave- length of the sun.  The red in a red pepper, the yellow in the lemon are reflections of  true colors deflected off of the fruit. The colors are rays from the sun that the fruit did not absorb. So we see the red pepper because the plant deflected the red wave length. We see the yellow lemon because the tree deflected the yellow wave length. The colors of our food contain real energy, we recognise the term antioxidant, this is the color (energy) of our food, which we absorb and utilize.  Color is absorbed by the eyes, skin, skull , and our energy field.   The energy of color transfers quickly through our holistic system and affect certain meridians and physical conditions.  Every cell in the body needs light energy - thus color has widespread effects on the whole body.
 Yellow essential oils, Lemongrass and yellow food, helps the pores in the skin and aid scarred tissue in healing itself. Yellow rays have an alkalizing effect which strengthens the nerves, and are awakening, inspiring and vitaly stimulating to the the mind. Lemongrass is good for exhaustion, due to nervous disorders or recovering from and infection, cold, or flu.
You can use this oil in diffusers, vaporizers, and home humidifiers, a waterpot on wood stove and burners to treat nervousness and also as an insect repellant. Through vaporizers you can revive the mind and body. Lemongrass works as a restorative, it will revive your strength and energy levels.

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