Saturday, July 23, 2016



                          FRESH LAVENDER HYDROSOL

                          Lavender Hydrosol -  Energetic Vitality - Deactivates Inflamed Skin.

Lavender is an energetic, anti-inflammatory for inflamed skin conditions. The molecular supercharged steam distillates are power houses of small water molecules. The distillation process turns Lavender's lipid fluids inside out. The steam, once cooled, is a refreshing, calming hydrosol.


                                   Lavender Hydrosol Mist 

       Sprayed on the skin absorbs and sustains hydration.             

  Hydrosol mist sprayed on the skin absorbs and sustains hydration.  Dehydrated skin will cause the skin cells to collapse upon each other, causing fine lines to develop. Dehydrated skin cells become sticky, connect to other skin cells, causing the skin to become dry and brittle. The skin clogs, the immune system cannot function, the skin becomes congested and inflamed; losing the vitality and ability to work as a filter.  Inflammation occurs, causing toxic build up, which absorbs back into the body. An unhealthy disadvantage for the largest cleansing organ in the body.

  Lavender hydrosol is also a great astringent. Astringents work to cleanse and tone the skin. This toner is the second step in, ‘Skin Care Guardian’s Complete Facial System’.  A necessary step for dry, flaky skin and oily clogged skin.  A toner or astringent helps your skin restore nutrients to the cells.  A necessary hydration to restore healthy supple skin. 

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