Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

Spring is on the horizon up north in Michigan.

The trees are beginning to leaf.

Spring perennials blooming on the south slopes.

Spring Blossoms! Allergies? Relax this season.

Breathe Easy, with Easy Breathe Aroma Mist therapy.

Eucalyptus, a broad spectrum anti-bacterial will prevent sinus and upper respiratory infection.

Peppermint, opens air passages.

Clary Sage, an antiseptic, cleanses air paths.

Lavender, an alterative, assists and restores energy.

Cedar Wood, an antiseptic, cleanses the pineal gland.  A good companion.

The pineal gland releases melatonin, one of its functions, when the lights go out for a good night’s sleep.

Rosemary, improves mental clarity and fatigue.  Helps you focus and concentrate.

Juniper, is an antiseptic and astringent. Improves circulation through the kidneys removing uric acid and toxins. A cleanser and detoxifier.

This synergistic aroma has shown good results for upper respiratory conditions.

Easy Breathe Aroma Mist, has stimulating, cleansing, refreshing mint aroma.

It is light, stimulating and refreshing.

Mist on your face as often as you desire.

You will enjoy the experience, any season.

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