Thursday, March 7, 2013

Synergism A Cohesive Design

   Synergism is a real life force. A force we look at in the third person, instead of the first person.  The Sun provides the synergism in life, for whole plants and holistic people.
The structure of all plants and people contain the very same energy, colors, and light that the Sun transmits.  Chlorophyll wouldn’t exist without the sun light and energy. We absorb chlorophyll and many other nutrients from the Suns synergism when we feed on nature’s bounty.
As we co-exist with all of creation, we stay fueled by their energy.  The synergy God designed for all living matter and beings.  This energy is generated by a cohesive synergy, and the conversion is the life force and dynamics of all living matter.
This is why we bow to harvest and extend to collect fruit and seed pods.  Harvesting is a natural rhythm and dance, for the bountiful gifts, from nature.  Our body yields through patterns of motion as we collect and store, prepare and process the bounty of the harvest.  Our soul rejoices by giving thanks. As we rejoice, we are praising life itself, for filling our store house and ultimately our bellies.
Designing and preparing cosmetics cohesively extends the synergism from whole Plants to Holistic People. Synergism, is the vitality that delivers optimum health on all levels. Enjoy real food, for your skin, by using Skincare Guardian's cosmetics. Enjoy your healthy life style and well being by adding  fresh whole foods to your diet. You will feel revitalized.

The New Standard Dictionary, published in 1963, defines synergism and synergy in this manner.

Synergism:  The doctrine that human effort cooperates with divine grace in the salvation of the soul.
Synergy: Combined and correlated force; united action.

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