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Friday, April 5, 2019

Therapeutic Holistic Skin Care Benefits

Whole Plants for Whole People  
Have you ever considered using holistic skin care products for their therapeutic properties? Whole plant extract’s constitution has a variety of therapeutic benefits as they do healthy skin care properties.  Cold pressed seed oils, cold pressed nut oils, distilled essential oils, lipid and carrier oils are abundant and abound in polyphenol's, amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and chemical constituents.  All at your fingertips for strange rashes and hot spots or diagnosed chronic skin conditions.   
Their therapeutic properties nurture our Autonomic nervous system? A lot of skin issues and conditions are triggered by stress and or disease. The skin is the largest cleansing organ and our central nervous system responds to the stress hormones by sending them out of the body, via the skin. It is also an innate alarm system designed to make us aware something is going wrong with us internally. One example is eczema. It is a symptom of a condition triggered by stress, caused by toxins building in the body. It could be allergies, environmental pollutants, or toxicity lingering in the body after an acute disease was healed by antibiotics. Internal blockages and sluggish circulation are caused by excessive stress hormones, a protein which adheres to the cells causing sluggish circulation and or stagnation in the skin.
  Common skin conditions may improve with this nutrient rich serum.  
  Try alternative solutions as your first aid, for eczema.  It is considered a stress related inflammatory skin disorder. Eczema is interchangeable and commonly known as, Atopic Dermatitis. Anna’s Secret Skin Repairing Serum, is a good source of zinc.  Zinc plays an important role in skin immune function (Brocard 2011; Gupta 2014). Inflammatory skin problems are a well-known result of zinc deficiency. One study showed that red blood cell zinc levels were lower in subjects with atopic dermatitis than in controls.(Karabacak 2016). In another study, zinc supplementation raised low hair zinc levels and decreased itching in children with atopic dermatitis (Kim, Yoo 2014).

      Anna’s Secret Skin Repairing Serum is rich in polyphenols and Vitamin B, which supports healthy skin by retaining moisture.  The essential fatty acids are Omega 3 and 6 which help to cleanse the pores, virtually building a resistance to the microbial bacteria and strengthens the immune system, calms the central nervous system; and eliminates stress hormones that build up in the skin and cause itching and adverse skin conditions. Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and soothe skin conditions of eczema, (Atopic Dermatitis).
        Holistic skin care is nurturing for healthy beauty, comforting and soothing on inflammatory skin responses subject to the autonomic nervous system. They are the sensory nerves, nerves which pick up all our sensory overload, including emotions, allergies, environmental toxins, and toxicity and react accordingly.  
Anna’s Secret Skin Repairing Serum is rich in nutrients for hydration and moisturizing benefits which slows down the aging process causing fine lines and wrinkles.  The anti-oxidants (amino acids), and bioflavonoids build, repair and maintain the collagen and fiber of the skin.  This is an ongoing process, which the serum continually supplements and enhances to develop healthy beauty
 The benefits of pure, wholesome botanical extracts repair and restore healthy skin.  
     Vitamins A, D, E, C, Zinc and Amino Acids found in Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil, Pumpkins Seed Oil, and Black Cumin help to reduce dark spots, scarring, damaged skin, and prevents the painful pulling and tightness attributed damaged skin. This serum also breaks down scar tissue while revitalizing the proliferation of new subcutaneous skin tissue.  The dynamic synergy has a complete scale of complementary nutrients, supporting the revitalization of new skin tissue, repairing for scarring and damaged skin, restores healthy skin by eliminating fine lines, tightens loose skin, moisturizes the skin barrier and seals in hydration. 
     Cold Pressed Red Raspberry Seed Lipid Oil, is high is vitamin E, linoleic acid, alpha linolenic and oleic acid, these essential fatty acids lend themselves nicely as an anti-inflammatory, soothing and repairing the skin. The superior free radical scavengers help repair the skin and restore your health and beauty.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is rich in zinc, vit. E, vitamin A, Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids.  Strengthen the skin immune system with super oxide free radical buster anti-oxidants, and the nurturing protection we get by supplementing the skin with zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E.  
 Holistic skin care is nurturing for healthy beauty, comforting and soothing on inflammatory skin responses subject to the autonomic nervous system. They are the sensory nerves, nerves which pick up all our sensory overload, including emotions, allergies, environmental toxins, and toxicity and react accordingly.

     Our complexion is also vulnerable to stress and stress related skin conditions, such as acne or red patches on our face. 
 Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal Serum maintains a healthy complexion, cleansing the pores and maintaining a clear complexion and healthy beauty. It balances the overflow of excessive sebaceous oil; it is not drying yet moisturizes and hydrates the skin nurturing a natural glow of healthy beauty.

Essential Oils and Carrier Oils in Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal, contain amino acids which remove the impurities and toxic buildup in the lipid fluids and the skin cells. Their vitality fortifies the skin and connective tissue. The astringents in jojoba and the essential oils cleanse the pores and tighten the skin. The amino acids, omega 3 and 6 repair skin cells, cleanse the lipid fluid system by releasing free radicals sticky hold on the skin cells, collagen, and connective tissue. The mucilage in carrier oils is a carbohydrate, protecting the skin from becoming brittle. The protein in the plant extracts supporting nutrients and chemical composition bond with the protein in our skin to assist in the assimilation, repair, and strengthening the skin by restoring elasticity, repairing scar tissue, moisturizing and hydrating which supports the renewal of healthy skin. 
The Jojoba bean when cold pressed is known as an ester.  It contains protein, minerals, and a waxy substance that mimics collagen.  Jojoba can act as a second skin, providing protection while it’s soothing emollients allow the skin to breathe. It can help control acne and oily skin; since congested sebum actually dissolves in jojoba. Once the pores are free and clear the oil glands do not have to work so hard trying to clear the pores. Anna’s Secret Skin Renewal actually slows down oily build up. 
Whatever your issues are, there may be a simple alternative that can bring you some relief. You can look forward to renewing your health and beauty on a holistic level.

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