Monday, October 15, 2012

Hydrate A Part Of Your Daily Routine

 Hydrosols, are so convenient and easy to use. The most  common question asked is how and when to use them. I replace tap water with the hydrosols for cleansing and hydration. In the fall, when you have to start using your heat, the air becomes dry and causes static electricity in your hair.  Mist your hair and your brush with the hydrosol of your choice. Remember, all the hydrosols contain small amounts of essential oil and this fact makes the hydrosols a superior hydrator to plain tap water. Hydrosols and essential oils contain oxygen and this feature relaxes and hydrates  the hair, and provides a  healthy beautiful shine on your hair.
  Also if you are susceptible to itchy skin conditions, spritz the spearmint hydrosol on your whole body. Do this after you bathe and before you moisturize with our virgin coconut moisturizers. You can spray the spearmint in your mouth for a breathe freshener and its antiseptic qualities. Spearmint hydrosol dominates candiadas and leaves your breathe fresh, and cleanses the palette; while your skin feels clean, fresh and itch free. Spearmint hydrosol will relieve the itch of eczema and psoriasis.
  Lavender hydrosol is good for sunburn, blisters, 1st - 3rd degree burns. Lavender is soothing on burns and protects us from bacteria in open and raw skin while it proliferates new skin tissue.  Rose Geranium helps with deep seated fatigued caused by emotional problems, Rose Geranium instills feelings of joy. It is also helpful for oily, dry, sensitive and thin skin, it tones skin tissue and reverses fine lines.
  Lemon Balm hydrosol is the safest herbal extract for infants. When you know the flu epidemic is the air it is time to start giving your babies a bath with 1 tablespoon of lemon balm in their bath. This will work with their immune system to counteract the virus. Start the bath process 3 weeks in advance or at the onset of the first notice the flu season has begun. You can spray this in your mouth and on your lips to prevent cold sores.  It is a remedy for fatigue and stress headaches. Mist your face and breathe in the vapor, mist your head, and back of your neck.
  The molecular structure is so tiny and the molecules are charged, allowing the electrolytes to move quickly. Because, the vitality within the plant still exists, the electrolytes can trave through our skin, 'ol' factory system, and our oral mucous membrane efficiently.
  Enjoy the mist, it is a reflection of the morning dew, enriched with natures bounty and vitality. Clearly, the purest hydration available...
"The Skincare Guardian"
  Anna Sangemino


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