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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anna's "All In One" Cleansing and Body Lotion

I want to share how nice it feels to use Anna's cleansing lotion to bathe your entire body. Wet your washcloth and apply the cleanser and wash the exterior of your body. My skin feels soft and clean while the skin guardian is moisturizing and hydrating, toning and revitalizing my skin. Applied as a lotion after you bathe, a boquette of floral aroma from ylang ylang, rose, etc. are there to greet you with new energy. Another all in One product. 20 years ago I designed an "All In One" shampoo, batheing, shaving soap. It is very popular for my practical customers. Let me know how you like the "All In One" cleanser and lotion?
All natural Aromatherapy Lotions made with Organic ingredients by CreationPharm - Alternative Health and Beauty

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