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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Essential OIls and Herbal Extracts - Back to Basics

Herbs and Essential Oils Work With the Immune System

Before antibiotics and vaccinations humanity depended on Herbal Extracts including essential oils, tinctures and infusions to heal all kinds of disease. Essential oils and herbal extracts contain all sorts of molecular components, such as chemicals, compounds, terpenes, eugenols, menthols, bioflavanoids, proteins, amino acids, oxygen, etc.

They are all aligned to travel through our system, delivered to the proper neuropath, triggering the immune system to release the proper cells for the mission at hand, destroying bacteria, viral organisms, and at the same time they are protecting and nourishing our cells. It is in our best interest to sustain our body with whole plants for food and plant extracts for medicine to obtain ultimate health benefits.

This synergistic effect is the vital life force which heals the body of disease by working together and regulating what action is deemed necessary to shed the body of disease. Holistically it may require essential oils, herbal extracts, herbal infusions, rest, healthy hygiene, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise to win the battle. Healthy living is a lifestyle not a quick fix.
Essential oils used externally are fat soluble so they pass easily into the body and can travel through the fat cells, oil glands, and sweat glands to quickly reach every cell in the body.

Peppermint, lemon, frankincense, and the TLC OILS Gladiator Aromatherapy Blend are volatile oils, light molecules which travel quickly by vaporizing. The vapor travels through air passages and are delivered to the blood stream where the oxygen and other chemicals are absorbed and channeled to the proper system in our body. If the body does not require certain molecular compounds in the vapor they are released through breathe or carbon monoxide. Cinnamon oil found in the TLC OILS Gladiator Aromatherapy Blend, and frankincense are both anti-viral and antibacterial-yet they are harmless in our bodies and support the immune system. If there is no inflammation in our body it will not trigger the immune system to react. We will receive some of the other benefits they offer as the weakest system in the body is nurtured from essential oils.
Lemon is great for boosting the immune system. It is anti bacterial and helps cleanse the lymphatic system and purify the blood.

Cinnamon Oil is great for the immune system it supports the pancreas and digestive system by assisting the pancreas and spleen to shed toxins, bacteria, and viruses which cause diseases related to the digestive tract, gall bladder, kidneys and liver.

Frankincense Oil one of the most powerful immune-boosting oils, purifies the body from pathogens that are threatening disease and clears the head helping us keep a positive outlook and a clearer perspective. It also purifies the air we breathe and delivers oxygen to our blood stream.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils are cooling and soothing oils known to clear the respiratory system and ease breathing. They can be applied directly to the neck, throat, chest, and back to open the lungs or inhaled to soothe the sinuses. Peppermint and eucalyptus are safe to apply on the skin.

Lavender the universal oil it is anti bacterial and anti viral.
Will help with aches and congested muscular system. Also with congestion in the chest, use it as a chest rub, in your bath, and as massage oil.
The TLC OILS Gladiator Aromatherapy Blend (an improved Theives Oil blend) is very beneficial as a chest rub, also for the lymphatic system. apply mixed using 10 drops per ounce of carrier oil or use as a mist for the air and breathe in so you deliver the vapor to the blood stream quickly.

The same essential oils that you might use to treat a virus, cold or flu can be used as prevention. If your workplace is contaminated or half your community has been sick this week, now might be a good time to start using oils. You can apply them less often but use them daily, before you go out and after you have been in a public arena.

Give your body an herbal boost. Herbal tinctures, infusions and supplements are available to help the immune system. Fresh or dried herbs and whole food remedies are always preferable for ultimate health. Lemon is the ideal food for restoring acid-alkali balance. Drinking lemon water or adding it to tea, salad dressing, baking or cooking helps maintain the body’s internal climate at a pH which supports healthy bacteria instead of the viruses and harmful bacteria which thrive in more acidic environments.

Take care of yourselves; you are the reason for the season… Enjoy the Holidays stay Healthy!
Anna Sangemino

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